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Express air freight service from China to USA

Fast air shipping from China to USA/Canada/Australia

DDP/DDU air freight from China to USA

DDP/DDU Air China Shenzhen Ningbo Shanghai Tianjin to France

DDP Air freight forwarder from China to Europe

Routes: China to Austria, Germany, Italy, England

Air freight from China to Federation/Slovenia /

Route: China to Federation/Slovenia/Spain/Sweden /


It is committed to meeting the safe and time-efficient transportation of various types of goods

Integrated international logistics company with one-stop/customized services

Guangzhou Meiye International Freight Forwarding Co., LTD., is a first-level freight forwarding Co., Ltd. approved by the Ministry of Commerce. It is a professional logistics enterprise integrating domestic logistics distribution, international freight forwarding and NVOCC business. The shipping department of the company is close to the scenic Huangpu Pier in Guangzhou, with a registered capital of 5 million yuan.
Meiye International company set import and export sea, air, land consolidation as a whole, providing bulk and general cargo charter, booking, customs declaration, inspection, storage distribution, transit container LCL unpacking, international freight insurance, certificate of origin, customs declaration, tax refund agent, customs clearance agent import services and other related services. Qingdao Branch, Marine import and export, e-commerce small package, Korea special line. There are more than 30 employees, which are divided into Marine import Department, Marine export Department, air transport Department, customs clearance and warehousing Department, overseas liaison Department, customer service Department, domestic fleet and other professional departments. The company not only has a higher level of office facilities in Guangzhou and a perfect international agency network, but also has a capable, knowledgeable and teamwork staff, which can meet the different service requirements of customers.
Meiye International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd. always adheres to the service tenet of "integrity, safety and efficiency", provides customers with professional and intimate logistics services of "full tracking", carefully answers the consultation questions raised by customers, and selects the best freight plan according to the specific situation and special requirements of customers' goods, and provides real-time dynamic inquiry of goods. Welcome friends from all walks of life to exchange, consult freight, shipping date, voyage, we will provide you with efficient international and domestic logistics services.
Preferential price, safe and efficient, quality service; All the staff of Meiye International will do their best for your order, help you think more and do better for you!

The company was founded in 2007

16 +

International freight experience

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All honors and qualifications

3000 +

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Foreign service area

Meiye International has cooperative relations with a number of shipping companies: MSK, COSCO, EMC.ONE, CMA, WHL, MSC, YML. As well as with CX, CV, RU, 5Y, N8, OZ, KL, TK, EK, CZ, CA, PO and other more than 30 routes long-term joint, more WCA qualifications, first-class freight forwarding qualifications, professional casting service quality!











Domestic service area

Meiye International has a long-term good cooperative relationship with domestic ports and container terminals. Domestic services: Shanghai, Tianjin, Dalian, Shenzhen, Xiamen, Qingdao, Hong Kong, Ningbo, Guangzhou, Nanjing and other major ports. Huiconnect meets customers with the best quality logistics services with high cost performance, high timeliness, and visual transportation status tracking. Ensure every shipment arrives in peace of mind.







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